Nunas Shoes Branding

Nunas is a fair trade brand connecting Peruvian artisans to a global market by employing them to create simple, modern footwear based on traditional Peruvian "ojota" sandals, using a combination of recycled materials and high-quality leather. Nunas currently operates out of San Francisco in collaboration with Peruvian artisan Alberto Huamani and his shop Chakruna in Cusco.

In Quechua, one of the many indigenous languages of Peru, "nuna" means soul - a  fitting name for an initiative aiming to capture the soul of Peruvian artisanry through the soles of the feet.
The Nunas icon is based on the loraypu kuti pallay, a weaving pattern common in the Sacred Valley region. Loraypu is a motif in the form of a diamond with a hoe, an ancient and versatile agricultural hand tool. The shape's inverted reflection symbolizes duality. When the two shapes are aligned facing the same direction, they form the shape of an "ojota," the traditional Peruvian sandals that Nunas are modeled after.
Peruvian artisan Alberto Huamani making a pair of Nunas in his shop, Chakruna.
A pair of Nunas shoes being fitted
Nunas x Chakruna stamps
Nunas website design

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