The goal of this campaign was to promote brand awareness in emerging markets and generate leads by driving people to download white papers. 
In collaboration with our team, I developed concepts and provided art direction for two video spots to drive brand awareness for Huntington's Commercial and Private Banking. I also designed five landing pages using Huntington's pre-developed web components, along with digital and native ads driving to the white papers.
In addition to this campaign, I have also designed print ads, custom illustrations, white papers, sell sheets, digital ads, and more for Huntington Bank.
So far, the campaign has generated over 34 million impressions, 53K ad clicks, and 45K visits to the landing page.

Huntington Commercial Bank Brand Awareness Video

The key concept that came up again and again in our research was resilience, capitalizing on the idea of "looking out for each other" and providing support through the good times and the bad. In terms of banking, we found that commercial businesses are looking for a true financial partner. They are loyal and relationship-oriented, maintaining long-lasting relationships with their primary banks.

Huntington Private Bank Brand Awareness Video

Private Bank clients are mainly concerned with growing their assets and protecting their wealth for retirement and future generations. They are the "unlikely millionaires" who do not flaunt their wealth but instead use it to look out for their communities and families and leave a lasting legacy. 

Huntington Voice Business Credit Card Brochure

Example of a landing page using Huntington's web builder "components"

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