When I joined Wyse Advertising, I noticed that the agency struggled with maintaining a cohesive brand due to a lack of agreement about the core identity. Given the agency's history, beginning in 1951 with founders Marc and Lois Wyse, there was a lot of concern for maintaining the Wyse legacy while also projecting a fresh, innovative image. Always being up for a challenge, I self-initiated a project to rebrand the agency.
I pitched the rebrand to the creative director and then to the agency CEO, who both loved the direction, and then helped implement the new branding across the agency.

Wyse brand refresh mood board.

Marc and Lois Wyse, agency founders, were avid collectors of vintage advertising posters, which are still on display all over the agency. Given the Wyse legacy, it was only fitting to draw inspiration from these classic advertising pieces and put a fresh spin on it.

I put together a presentation including all the current colors, fonts, and graphics being used across the agency, as well as the colors and fonts of the agency's competitors for comparison. I then developed a mood board and color palette inspired by vintage advertising posters, which Marc and Lois Wyse had a vast collection of - many of which are still hanging prominently all over the agency. I selected fonts that simultaneously felt classic and modern, and then updated the iconography using the same line weights and graphic style.

Updated Wyse Advertising color palette inspired by vintage advertising posters

Updated iconography, using the same graphic style and line weight.

From there, I developed layouts for collateral, including business cards, letterhead, internal templates, and client presentation decks.

Wyse letterhead, business cards, and collateral. Custom W pattern on envelope liners.

Updated business cards, with quotes from each agency member.

I have continued to develop internal and external marketing materials, graphics, presentations, t-shirts, and more.

Internal Harvest for Hunger Food Drive posters.

Wyse web process graphic, for use in explaining the agency's web development process in presentations and on the website.

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